Past Members

A coven is an organic being.  It changes and grows.  This is a normal process, as with all life.  Twisted Oak is no different.  We are proud of our Initiates, and I decided that we should list all of them here on our website.  Although no longer active members of Twisted Oak, these Initiates have all touched this group in one way or another.

The Majority of them continue to grow in the Light of the Goddess and God, and are touching other groups and other people’s lives now.

This Listing reflects the last Alexandrian Degree each person received from Twisted Oak, before departing from our group.  They are listed in the order that they actually left the group. If two people left at the same time, whoever was Dedicated 1st to Twisted Oak is listed 1st.

There have been others that have been Postulants (Dedicants) to Twisted Oak, but never received their 1st Degree Initiation, they are not listed here.


1st Degree Initiates

Atheena Skybird


2nd Degree Elders

Lady Aurora


3rd Degree High Elders

Lord Uriel
Lady Seridina
Lord Oracle

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