A Traditional Alexandrian Coven

Hello, I am Akela.


I was raised in a Catholic household and lived in Florida for most of my life. Fun fact about me, I made Eagle Scout and I always like learning new skills and ideas. My path to the Coven has a lot of twists and turns, but still, it’s very interesting. I was introduced to a Native America ritual when I was on a camping trip with my Boy Scout troop and I began to ask questions to my parents, to which they would brush them off while also giving me some answers. So, I began to seek here and there but it was not very deep, and I honestly didn’t know where to begin. Jump to years later, I am invited out to a social with the Coven and I was hooked. I quickly made my moves to join the outer court and then when I felt like I was ready, I handed in my intent to join the inner court and the rest is history. I mean it when I say they are like family to me, they welcomed me in the door without knowing my name and I’ve felt at home ever since then.


Outside of the coven, I enjoy Hiking, biking, swimming and most of the nerdy stuff one could think of. Seriously I build model kits and play video games, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like being outdoors and roughing it from time to time.

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