Hello, I am Akela!


Thanks for clicking on me. I am the most recent member (July 2021) to be initiated into the Coven of Twisted Oak. I am still growing and learning, and I hope the more I do the more I can help others grow and learn as well. As of 2016, I have been a practicing member of the Coven and have grown to love myself and my craft in my own way. My goals for the future are to get to have my own group and students one day, as well as learn about Reiki and add that feather to my cap.

I like a good joke here and there, so as the Jester/Bard of the Coven, laughter is not far from where I am. Outside of circle, I’m a typical Geek and I even work in a Lab, well, a Metrology lab so not super scientific. But I digress! Videogames, models, painting, basically anything that keeps my hands busy is usually up my alley. Likewise, I hike, swim, and love to spend time outdoors from time to time.