Clergy Services

Our clergy members include Priests and Priestess’ from the Alexandrian Tradition who are Elders.  An Elder is one who has attained 2nd Degree as a Minimum.  Currently they are:


Twisted Oak

Lord Alexian – Orlando, FL
*  As a Registered Notary of the State of Florida.  Alexian can perform LEGAL Wiccan Handfastings!

Lady Midian – Orlando, FL

Lady Chyrea – Orlando, FL

Lord Vittorio – Orlando, FL

Lady Lassyrina – Orlando, FL

Lady Ayanna – Southwest Florida


Departed from Twisted Oak

Lord Uriel – Pennsylvania

Lady Aurora – Virginia
Lord Oracle – East Coast Florida



Clergy Services Include, but are not limited to:

  • Handfastings
  • Wiccanings
  • Coming of Age Rituals
  • Cronings
  • Requiems
  • Hospital Visitations
  • Dwelling Purifications
  • Personal Advice
  • Magickal Web Workings (Prayer/Spell Chains)