Lady Midian

My name is Lady Midian. The Goddess led me to my spiritual family, Twisted Oak, in 1998. I was elevated to first degree in 2000, second degree in May of 2007 and received my third December 2010. She has blessed me with three amazing children and three grandsons who constantly teach me different ways to view the world we live in. I was hand-fasted to my wife on Samhain 2002 in a lovely ritual performed by Lord Alexian and Lady Chyrea on the beach at sunset. I have always felt closest to the Goddess on the beach and continue to seek her there when the mundane world seems determined to weigh me down and I need reminding that life should not be all about work and self-sacrifice.

With the loving support of my wife, my children, and my spiritual family I continue to grow in the love and light of the Lord and Lady. Discovering the Goddess within has not been easy, but now that I have found her I plan to make the most of it!