I began my journey with Twisted Oak Coven about 4 years ago, though I got the calling to join earlier than I realized.

I grew up loving magick and fairies and crystals.  I had the realization that there must be real magick out there somewhere that must’ve inspired mythis, fairy tales, and stage magic.  That thought kickstarted my seeking.  I turned to divination since the cards were pulled on pure chance and not staged.  Through divination books, particularly one by Sally Morningstar, I found Wicca.  It was a name for beliefs I already held.

I’ve come a long way since being a child on the cusp of my teen years questioning, and seeking, and reading.  I still do all of those things as an adult (and I’ll never stop!).  I just have a more solid footing on my path and clearer goals.  In my years of growth with Twisted Oak Coven, I found inner strength and devotion.  I also found wonderful family, and for that I am eternally grateful.