A Traditional Alexandrian Coven

To see an individual Coven member’s page, please hover over the “Members” TAB above and then choose one of the pages of our Coveners by clicking on the pop-up menu that will appear.  You will also find a Past Members listing there as well, as well as Private students that are not part of the Coven.


Twisted Oak Current Teaching Structure (Not Initiatory)

Lord Alexian —> Lady Midian, Lord Vittorio, Lady Ayanna, Akela

Lady Midian —> Lady Lassyrina, Lord Oracle, Lady Chyrea

Lord Vittorio —> Gwion, Leohnorah

Lady Lassyrina —> Teaches Open Classes

Lady Ayanna —> Diana

Lady Chyrea —> Finwe

Lord Oracle —> Moonbear


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