A Traditional Alexandrian Coven

Hello, I am Bhelamere. I am a currently a Postulant of Twisted Oak, and I will always be a student with a voracious appetite for learning. I was born abroad and have flown to the other side of the Earth and back probably too many times and I know my days of traveling will never be done. I was raised secularly but developed my own ways. When I was 13, my interest in tarot led me to a book written by Sally Morningstar that showed me that the things I believed in had names, and that was where I first gained my footing on my path. I will forever be grateful to my family for always allowing me the freedom to explore, question, and choose. I look forward to the journey that lies ahead.


I love taking long walks, especially on walking trails, and I enjoy gardening. I like to volunteer in community gardens, and I find myself at peace tending to the plants. I also love to cook and make homemade herbal tea blends and infusions, especially out of the plants I get the chance to help tend. If I could, I would live somewhere I could have a big herb and vegetable garden, but it’s not the time for that yet.

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