A Traditional Alexandrian Coven

I am Moonbear. I was raised Catholic, not understanding why women could not become priests. There seemed to be an inconsistency with organized religion that kept me away from the Christian faiths. In 1982, I studied under Sunbear and Winddaughter who opened my eyes to the Native American tradition of living with the Earth: honoring and respecting all forms of life animate and inanimate. Native American Spirituality filled in the void that I had been missing. Vittorio invited me to experience the Wiccan tradition of Alexandrian Wicca in 2000. I have been outer court since then. On June 10, 2017, I committed myself to the Goddess and God and was dedicated into the coven as a postulant. I am excited to be learning under the experienced and caring leadership and coven members. Let the learning begin!

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